Student Finance Wales

Student Finance Wales is a partnership between the Welsh Government and the Student Loans Company Ltd

As part of the Student Loans Company, Student Finance Wales provides financial support - on behalf of the Welsh Government - for students undertaking further or higher education courses at UK institutions.

We operate a dedicated bilingual customer service centre and application assessment facility in Llandudno Junction, North Wales; with each customer advisor speaking fluently in Welsh and English.

Students from Wales can apply directly to Student Finance Wales, online or on paper, for all higher education funding. Those in further education can apply on paper for the provision of the Education Maintenance Allowance or Welsh Government Learning Grant during their studies.

Student Finance Wales' online services are available at:

For higher education

Student Finance Wales and Cyllid Myfyrwyr Cymru

For further education

Student Finance Wales FE and Cyllid Myfyrwyr Cymru AB

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