Part Time Courses Service Launch

AY 12/13 Part Time Course Collection

17 May 2012

From Wednesday 4th June 2012, HEIs that offer part time courses can add details of all these courses to the Courses Service on the HE Portal.

SLC are requesting part time course information as well as full time courses because from AY 12/13, students on part time courses will be able to apply for non-means tested tuition fee loans for part time higher education courses. The government wished to introduce parity between full and part time students by removing the need for part time students to pay their tuition fees up front. This applies to all English students studying at a UK HEI and any European students studying at an English HEI. The students must be starting their part time course from 1st September 2012 (AY 12/13).

Therefore SLC require that HEIs offering part time courses submit details of these courses to the HE portal.

Students will be able to apply for part time courses from early August therefore we ask that HEIs submit all their part time course information by the end of July

The Courses Service User Guide has been updated to include details on providing details of both Full and Part Time courses and the Service Definition document has also been amended to include both full and part time course information. Both these documents can be viewed on the Courses Service page.

Further information on the launch of the process for collecting Part Time courses can be viewed

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